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Principles of Vaastu

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What is Vaastu

Vaastu is an ancient Vedic science/philosophy. Vaastu in Sanskrit means nature, a surrounding or environment. The word "Vasthu" came from Vasthu, denoting anything existing such as house, shelter, building etc. Shastra in Sanskrit means systems. Vaastu Shastra is a study that dictates the form size and orientation of a building, in relation to the plot, soil, surroundings and the personality of the owner.


Principles of Vaastu

The principles of vaastu were obviously formulated keeping in view, the cosmic influence of the sun, its Light and heat, solar energy, the directions of wind, the moon position, the earth's magnetic field and the influence of cosmos on our planet. The vaastu influence on any type of building and on human beings is like the cosmic influence of the sun (solar system) on our echo-system.


The system is an admixture of science, astronomy or astrology; it is covered with the influence of the sun, moonlight and heat, the earth's atmosphere, wind direction, magnetic field and gravitation force on human beings. It gives practical guidelines on site selection, its contouring level, orientation of the building in relation to the climatologic and micro weather, arrangements of areas/rooms in relation to the different activities of the proposed building, their proportions as well as rituals for successive stages of house building.


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